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SNEAK PEEK: The Puck Drops Here – Del Barber and the No Regretzkys

This weekend, Del Barber takes the #HometownHockey main stage LIVE in Winnipeg.

Paying homage to Canada’s obsession with the sport, Barber offers his take on unofficial national anthems (including Stompin’ Tom Connors’ “The Hockey Song” and Tom Cochrane’s “Big League”) and gems from the rich history of  Canadian songwriters.

“Honestly, it’s not just about the connection I had with these songs,” admits Barber. “It was about finding a way to connect with the audience and keep them entertained. It was about finding classic hockey songs that we could have fun with, not just great songs that talk about hockey for a verse… We didn’t want it to be too formal. We wanted it to be entertaining. As kids we dreams about making the NHL, but really, it’s more about doing what we love with our friends.”

And that friendship is as much a part of The Puck Drops Here as the tracks that made the cut.

For most of the country, hockey is much more than a millionaire’s game played on Saturday nights. It’s a way of life and a shared experience with friends; hat tricks and high sticks relived over pints and through great songs. It’s often too easy to look back, but as Barber proves on the steel-heavy original “Hudson Bay Rules” or the effortless, Laflear-like glide the band finds on Dave Gunning’s “A Game Goin’ On”, the love of the game never truly disappears, and sometimes lacing up the skates for a game of shinny feels as good as winning the Stanley Cup.

Keep us posted, let us know what YOU think of this sneak peek!