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5 Things We Learned During The Hometown Hockey Launch

It’s Hometown Hockey season again. Ron MacLean and Tara Slone kicked things off early on Sept. 6 in Newmarket, ON when they announced the first stop of the tour. They kept everyone on the edge of their seats until the morning of Sept. 7, when they announced the remaining 23 stops.

Amidst the cab rides and TV appearances, Ron and Tara were tasked with telling new stories about what makes Hometown Hockey what it is: a weekly cultural hockey festival that goes deeper than the ice. And while this will be the third season of the tour, there are still many new things to learn.

1. Ron MacLean believes returning as host of Hockey Night in Canada will keep him grounded in hockey
MacLean’s hockey knowledge is unlike any other and he gets this knowledge from watching every game. While in previous Hometown Hockey seasons Ron has been able to watch games more casually, he realized that approach meant some of the real hockey talk was lost. He’s looking forward to bringing that knowledge back to Hometown Hockey.


2. Expect to see Tara Slone hit the ice (or cement)
A hockey rivalry has been sparked between Ron and Tara. Since they faced off on the ball hockey rink in Newmarket on Sept. 6, we won’t be surprised if the Hometown Hockey hosts continue to challenge each other throughout the season.

GAME ON! Team MacLean vs Team Slone! #hometownhockey @townofnewmarket @taraslone

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3. Everyone loves Hometown Hank
The big question on everyone’s mind wasn’t about which stops Ron and Tara are excited for, it was whether or not our mascot, Hometown Hank, would be made into a plush toy. He’s a popular fellow and we can see why you’d want to take him home. Well, we don’t have any plans to make him into a plush toy as of right now, so you’ll just have to settle with a hug and a selfie on site.

4. Stories of challenges and difficulties always have a positive message
What makes Hometown Hockey so unique is the kind of stories we get to tell. While a lot of our stories talk about challenges and difficulties, we also show the light at the end of the tunnel. We hope these will inspire our viewers and we’re looking forward to telling more great stories in Season 3.

5. Hometown Hockey Season 3 will go to 24 places we’ve never been before
Canada is a big place, and lucky for us, we get to visit 24 cities and towns we’ve never been to before. That means 24 communities of people to meet, stories to tell, and adventures to discover. This season we’re stopping in Petawawa, ON where The Civic Centre will play host to our festival and mark our first-ever stop on a military base.