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10 Things You Didn’t Know About: Tara Slone

1) Tara is a Juno nominee.
Tara and her band Joydrop were nominated for a Juno Award in 2002 in the category of “best newartist”. Default won the award.

2) Tommy Lee was in Tara’s music video.
Tommy Lee (from Mötley Crüe) starred in Joydrop’s 2001 video for the song “Sometimes Wanna Die”.
The song hit #1 on the Much More Music charts. #FlashbackFriday


3) Tara was in a movie with Ryan Reynolds.
Tara studied theatre at Concordia University in Montreal, and has appeared in many stage and screen productions, including the movie “Foolproof” with Ryan Reynolds.


4) Tara ADORES poutine.

5) Tara’s favourite hockey team is The Montreal Canadiens
Tara was born in Montreal, and grew up watching The Habs with her dad. Her favourite player growing up was #26, Mats Naslund.

6) Tara wanted to be an opera singer when she was younger.
Tara studied classical voice for many years, and started her university studies in music at Dalhousie University.

7) Tara calls Halifax home.
Tara lived in many places growing up (Montreal, Toronto, Kitchener, Wolfville and Halifax). She considers Halifax her hometown.

8) Tara’s favourite movie is Blade Runner.

9) Tara’s guilty pleasure song is Evacuate The Dancefloor by Cascada.
Even rock chicks like the odd dance song…

10) Tara meditates regularly.
Tara grew up in a Buddhist family, and is a practitioner of shamatha-vipsashyana meditation.

For all the Tara Slone you can handle, follow her on Twitter: @TaraSlone and catch her every Sunday night on Sportsnet for Hometown Hockey!